Maldives: 10 day adventures!

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Duration: 10 days.


Stay on 3 beautiful remote local islands in the Maldives untouched by the rest of the mainstream tourism and big resorts!  Also visit other uninhabited islands, resort island day trips, sand-banks, and more!

All 3 of our hotels are hand picked by our guides, always super clean, with air-conditioning, satellite television, private bathrooms, and ALWAYS right next to the beach!

Live the BeachLife for 10 days enjoying unspoiled beaches and unforgettable activities! No big building, no traffic, just us exploring the tropical islands, incredible activities, and plenty of time relaxing on the most beautiful beaches you will ever see!

Choose to join our resort-island day tour and have unlimited drinks while making full use of a beautiful 5-star resort!

Explore the most beautiful sand-banks in the world… deserted white sand beaches perfect for photos, let the instagramming begin! 

Fish with us at sunset and lets BBQ on the beach under the stars!

Snorkel with huge whale sharks deep south in the Indian Ocean!

Snorkel with harmless reef sharks, tunas, and sea turtles.  

Explore a shipwreck and snorel around it looking for hidden treasures 😉

Snorkel and scuba dive among world-class reefs exploring the wide array of tropical fish and colourful marine-life!

Visit our secret locations that we do not put on the map – uninhabited islands, sand-banks, and more!

Note:  Even though its a group "tour" you still have complete freedom to do what you like when you like! If you don’t feel like doing an activity or if you want to eat earlier or later than the group… no problem!


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