Manaslu Circuit Trek Tours

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Duration: 15 days.

Manaslu in local term refers to Holy Spirit or soul. The Mount Manaslu is also called Kutang in the local term. This is widely popular as the “Mountain of Soul” as the Manas in Sanskrit means minds and soul. Most of the trekkers support staff of the Peregrine Treks is from this Manaslu Trekking region. This local bond between the region and our trekking support staff would make the trek memorable as ever.


The beautiful presentation of the region would enthral you and gives you the once in a lifetime event. Manaslu trekking is unique as it follows the Budhi Gandaki River all the way to Larke Pass. On the other hand, the trail takes you to the Brahmin, Chhetri and Mongolian tribes of Nepal along the way. The rural setting would take you towards nostalgic moments. The surprising aspect of the Manaslu is that every step of the trekking gives you different views. Manaslu Trekking starts from the Aarughat border between Gorkha and Dhading district of Nepal. Similarly, this trekking ends in Lamjung district which would give all the fellow trekkers worth of every penny spent for the trekking. Manaslu Trekking is also popular as Manaslu Circuit Trek and Larke Pass Trek.


The Manaslu Trekking is the Mountainous Terrain Trek and offers the diversified atmosphere. As compared to another trekking trail of Nepal, Manaslu exhibits hilly lifestyle in abundance in comparison to the Himalayan lifestyle. Therefore, Peregrine team would like to recommend the Manaslu Trekking to get the enthralling adventure of life in hills of Nepal. As John Wood famously quoted in his book Microsoft to Bahundanda the life of hilly region of Nepal is worth experiencing. It gives you the real picture of evolving Nepal through its beauty, culture, and hardship.


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Now a day Manaslu Trekking is trekker’ friendly trekking area because of the pro…


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