About us

My name is Dat (nick name is Dat Sapa) and I grew up in a big family and I live in Ta Phin village, in Sapa Region with my wife and three children.

I belong to the ethnic minority Black Hmong and have expert knowledge in the Sapa region. I am experienced in many local languages and different local tribes.

I used to work in the rice fields when I was younger then became a chef in Sapa where I loved meeting different people from different cultures from around the World.

I love hiking and have been to the top of Fansipan Mountain over 180 times.

I became a tour guide and found that it was something I was good at as I was able to draw on all my own experiences and passions and I have loved doing it everyday for the last 15 years. I can show you an authentic Sapa experience.

Enjoy your stay in Sapa!