Homestay in Ta Phin Village – Experience and immerse with the culture of Red Dao ethnic group

Ta Phin Village is located about 12 km from Sapa town toward the East. It is one of beautiful destinations of Sapa tourism and famous with the unique cultures of Red Dao tribe.Tourists can move from Sapa town to Ta Phin village by motorbikes or taxi, you also can rent them and drive themselves. You are so excited because there are many delightful stops to visit here.

Ancient monastery of Ta Phin

The ancient monastery of Ta Phin was built in 1942 and was a place to practice of 12 nuns with ascetic styles of Catholicism. Although the monastery of Ta Phin has been now abandoned, it retains the mysterious beauty with the architecture of French colonialism, which is a highlight feature for taking photos of many visitors. The external walls are laterite layer, the inside walls and the windows are covered by moss, but they are still solidly and surely. Every spring, peach flowers around the ancient monastery always blossom brilliantly increasing uniqueness of Ta Phin’s scenery.

Landscapes of mountains and rice terraces

Rice terraces in Sapa is regarded as one of most gorgeous rice terraces in the world. These thousand-years rice terraces was works of art designed by craftsmanship of Red Dao ethnic groups and others, and then their generations has maintained and developed until now. They are not only attractive landscapes for travelers, but also are copious sources of paddy of local people. Scenery of mountain and rice terraces become an exclusive trait and bring more values for Sapa tourism. You should go to Sapa in September because the colors of rice terraces will change from green to shinning yellow, which bring you beautiful pictures and unforgettable experiences.

Livings of Red Dao ethnic group

An interesting thing you cannot dismiss in Sapa is staying in the homes of local people to experience their living. You can try ethnic foods, sleep in stilt houses and talk to families’ members to know more their cultures.

The first attractive feature when you visit their villages is ethnic women with colorful traditional dresses, which are brocade products made by skillful hands of ethnic people. They are not only daily costumes, but also are dowries for their marriage as well as souvenirs for many tourists. In particular, the famous Ta Phin brocade is exported to some markets such as US, France, Denmark… Some products are sold to travelers are bags, backpacks, purses, handkerchiefs, pillowcases, clothes and etc. The brocade weaving is now become a nice culture of ethnic groups and contribute on development of economy for Sapa.

Another curious thing in Ta Phin village is enjoying a bath with medicinal plants of Red Dao. In the last day of year, they often go to forest to look for medicinal plants for cooking water with them to bath. Red Dao ethnic groups in Ta Phin have many various types of medicinal plants to use depending on every purpose. The bath with medicinal plants is very good for your health and help tourists to relax because of gentle herbal aroma.

To sum up, Ta Phin village is an attractive destination and bring you an amazing experience when you travel Sapa with beautiful rice terraces, famous brocade weaving and a bath with medicinal plants and others for you discover.

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