The Top 10 Places to Visit in Sapa (P2)

4. Ta Phin Village

Sapa - Ta Phin Village

It is said that the most pleasing thing when traveling Sapa is trekking. Visitors can walk several kilometers to the various villages. Ta Phin village which is one of trekking tourism sites with the most long distance in the world is highlight feature of Sapa tourism.

Ta Phin village is located Sapa town and is about 14 km toward the East. It has beautiful landscapes and the cultures of national identity of Red Dao tribe with famous brocade.

When visiting the above villages, travelers do not only experience to walk through suspension bridges, streams, terraced fields, admire activities of ethnic minorities, but also can stay with a local family. You can eat ethnic foods, sleep in stilt houses, and talk to homestay families’ members to understand more about their history and cultures of six ethnic groups in the Northwest. These things will certainly be great experiences about humans, cultures and nature.

Besides, visitors can attend bamboo dance with ethnic groups at the Ta Phin commune, which is a unique traditional dance in Ta Phin village. You will be so excited to learn dancing. In addition, there is a Japanese ancient monasteries built in French colonialism in here for your travel.

Moreover, Sapa has many other ethnic villages you can visit such as:

– Ta Van village of ethnic group of Hmong, Giay, Tay, Red Dao ethnic people, etc.

– Y Linh Ho village, Lao Chai of Black Hmong ethnic people (about 7km from Sapa town toward the southwest, near Muong Hoa stream).

– Ho village of Tay and Xa Pho ethnic people.

– Lao Chai village of black Hmong ethnic people (about 8-9km from Sapa town toward southeast, on the western edge of the Muong Hoa River).

5. Ham Rong Mountain

Sapa - Ham Rong Mountain

Ham Rong Mountain is next to Sapa town, so visitors can walk to there. Standing on the peak of Ham Rong mountain, you can get panoramic view of Sapa, Muong Hoa Valley, Ta Phin Village immersed in the mist. Thus, would imagined being lost in a fairy garden with clouds covering everywhere and brilliant flowers on ground. Visiting the place, you do not only see beautiful scenery, but also enjoy fresh air of Sapa.

6. The Silver Waterfall, Rattan Bridge

Sapa - Silver Waterfall

Silver Waterfall – it is located about 12km from Sapa City. From the canyon with the height of hundred meters, the roaring water flows down when foam rolls like flowers. This is also the reason why call Silver Waterfall. From a distance, you can heard the sound of fall which is falling down impetuously and its roar is repeated in the forest. That make you feel wilder and more mysterious .The fall nears highway, so it is very convenient for most travelers.

Rattan Bridge: It is a bridge which cross through Muong Hoa River. This River also fall down through a valley which is located about 17km from the South – East of Sapa City. It is known as its material which is made from rattan. While a full foggy from Muong Hoa River covers Rattan Bridge, most travelers will feel like bobbing in cloud. If lucky comes you will see that.

Sapa - Rattan Bridge

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