The Top 10 Places to Visit in Sapa (P3 – the end)

7. Ta Van Village

Sapa - Ta Van Village

According to Mong language, Ta Van means “a big arc”. It is the same as a beautiful picture. It is bordered by Hoang Lien Son Mountain to its back and by Muong Hoa Waterfall to its front. It is such a convenient place because it will be easier for travelers to move many different places in Lao Cai such as Lao Chai, Rattan Bridge, Ta Phin Cave ….

In Ta Van, there is a traditional custom called the custom of adoring stones. In the other side of the Waterfall, there are many places which are used to carve ancient stones with its variety of sizes. Each of stones is carved many pictures and flowers of ancient Vietnamese people. Nowadays, most people support themselves by selling brocades, going to market and chatting…

8. The Ancient Rock Ground

Sapa - The Ancient Rock Ground

Its area is about 8km2 at Muong Hoa Valley and located at Hau Thao Commune, Su Pan and Ta Van, Sapa District, Lao Cai Province. It is discovered in 1925 by a French archaeologist who is Russian Glubev by birth and used to study in EFEO (Ecole francaise d’Extreme-Orient).

With about 200 rocks, this ground is seen as an evidence about the appearance of ancient people. There are many special patterns designed in rocks such as: stair; human; road; writing… and some circles like sun;    some sexes designed being a sign of growing; and some stranger… Many scientist considered that it is a map of Mong people or a book introducing about many wars formerly. There are also many explanation of scientists when they discovered Ancient Rock Ground in Sapa. However, all of them are the same as suppositions.

9. Muong Hoa Valley

Sapa - Muong Hoa Valley

It is one of the most beautiful valley in Sapa. There are many imposing stairs, located Hau Thao Commune, Lao Chai and Ta Van where three nations live such as Black Hmong, Red Dao and Giay people with their traditional customs. It takes 8km from the South-East of Sapa. When you cross a mountain pass through a high mountain, you will come to Muong Hoa Valley.

10. Sapa Market (Love Market in Sapa)

Sapa - Love Market

On Saturday of each week, all local people focus on the central of Sapa to exchange both products or goods and cultures among nations till midnight. In there, all travelers enjoy the melody of trite, pan-pipe performed by the local girls and boys. With the above melodies, they can give another one many loving messages.


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